Concrete Artisans in Sun Valley, Idaho

Functional & Decorative Concrete

examples of cliffhangers decorative concrete projects

Sun Valley, Idaho-based artisan and craftsman, Jon Nasvik formed Cliffhangers 20 years ago to create functional and decorative uses for concrete. Concrete is the ideal medium for Nasvik’s artistic experimentation. Nasvik is one of the Wood River Valley’s experts on the many uses of concrete—and its status as a new cornerstone material of modern architecture and design. Expert artistic craftsman like Nasvik are in demand for the growing numbers of design-oriented people who  recognize potential and unique benefits of concrete—a fireproof material with green applications.

Cliffhangers is a contractor ready and equipped for the challenge of realizing creative ideas—in concrete.


Clients: The Source of New Inspirations & Challenges


custom-shower-wall-colored-concrete-sculpted“Aside from concrete as a resource for my business, my clients have been invaluable in bringing me to higher levels of achievement in my craft by simply asking for things I’ve never made before. Now, with technology driving changes from all directions, concrete chemistry, design trends, and local client preferences, I’m feeling some new and interesting challenges in the wind.”

“I used to amaze people with colored textured concrete paving and simulated rock formations that would be difficult to distinguish from what I was mimicking. “And even though these are still viable products that I can provide, architectural items like countertops, sinks, fireplaces and interior floors were what clients seemed to prefer and marvel over. The idea that concrete could do so much with color and texture, take any shape, and fulfill so many functional purposes amazed people.”

These days more and more clients know what is possible and what they want, and that’s a good thing because the clearer a client is about what is required the easier it is for Nasvik to create what they’re after.


The fireplaces pictured here are entirely constructed of concrete. The clients required an historic effect that would have originally been done with wood—but common sense and current building codes necessitated an inflammable building material. Result? A perfect opportunity to historical detail a modern touch.



Cliffhangers. Moving forward. Keeping up with the possibilities presented by its favored medium. And always working to solve the problems and needs of its clients.